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A Yarn Ball holder that holds two balls of yarn and allows you to remove the yarn in an orderly manner without re-twisting the yarn. Perfect for 2 color knitting/crochet and any other application that requires 2 balls of yarn.ᅠBut most importantly, the you never have to “tug” on your ball of yarn to free up it up. It just magically comes off of the ball as you knit/crochet! This is the big “sister” of the Yarn Pet (single ball holder).ᅠ ᅠ Each ball rests on a wooden disk that freely rotates around the stainless steel rod.ᅠ As you knit/crochet, the simple pulling action that the needles generate is enough energy to cause the ball or cone to turn and dispense the yarn. Each ball of yarn goes through an adjustable guide and you can adjust the tension of each ball of yarn differently as it is delivered. It all works so well you have to experience it to see how neat it really is.ᅠ ᅠ The Yarn Pet Duo has a 7″ x 7″ x 13/64″ thick Maple hardwood base. It has 3 mounting holes (2 on adjacent corners so that you can get 2 large balls or cones on the platform at the same time or 1 single in the middle for when you have a really large ball or cone). Once you determine the height that you want the ball to rest on the wooden disk, tighten the 2 small shaft collars with the Allen Wrench and then the rod and disk will be assembled together and the disk will be locked in place. ᅠThat enbales you to “throw the disk and shaft assembly into your project bag along with the platform and guide”. ᅠ This small tool can be used anywhere (on the floor, on a coffee table, in the car (while a passenger). Aᅠclamp is also included to fix the platform to a table – it can however be used without the clamp.The yarn can go in any direction after going thru the guide.ᅠ Whether the ball is wound at the mill or on a wool winder from a skein, they will still work on the Yarn Pet. ᅠHowever, when using mill wound ballsᅠyou need to raise the wood disc such that the top of the ball is slightly higher than the rod. You should alsoᅠavoid using the yarn guide postᅠwhen using these balls.ᅠ ᅠ


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