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Opry Knitting Mill A knitting mill resembles the french knitting spool but comes with a handle.ï¾  With this terrific little tool you can make automatic lengths of cord with the turn of a handle.ï¾ ï¾ You can use a knitting mill for making bag handles, bags, scarves, cushions, coasters, mats, decorations and much more! Easy to use and fun. Also suitable for kids. You can also make fine braids and plait them together, join them into spirals with couching, make captain’s frog tassels, spiral loop frogs, fish tail frog buttons, Celtic stone work knots and flowers.ï¾ ï¾ Embellish your creations with some of the yarns you already have and always have the perfect match. Instructions included are in german – watch this video for how to use.


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